Hello, PokeVengers and friends!

As another exciting month draws to a close, we’re thrilled to bring you the latest updates from our vibrant PokeMMO community. Here’s a snapshot of what’s been happening this month:

New Members Welcome:

  • A warm welcome to our new PokeVengers! This month, we’ve had the pleasure of adding 6 new members to our team. Let’s give a big shoutout to:
    • H3LLF1RE
    • DaveTheBabe
    • Keymander
    • SolomonWordcraft
    • Veevace
    • Banditoofdoom

Promotions and Achievements:

  • Congratulations to the members who have leveled up in their PokeVengers journey! Promotions this month include:
    • MysticalMagnolia – Has returned from retirement to resume the role of leader.
    • bmaggard – Added role of Event Captain

Event Highlights and Winners:

Shiny Corner:

  • Our trainers have been busy catching some amazing Shinies this month 8 in total! Here are the highlights:


Shiny golettShiny quagsire


Shiny lanturnShiny geodude


Shiny mankey


Shiny mantine


Shiny golduck


Shiny slowbro

    Upcoming Events:

    • At this time we aren’t ready to announce too many events for the month of March. Pay attention to the website for future events.

    Monthly rewards:

    In addition to events we are going to be starting monthly rewards. These will be prizes that people can win every month. We plan on adding more rewards over time. Each pays 5 million in game.

    • Most Shiny Pokemon Caught in a month – Pikacide/BlackEyeCat
    • Highest PVP Ladder ELO – Mickzl
    • Member of the Month – SolomonWordcraft

    Thank you, for being an essential part of our community. We hope to bring you more exciting things soon!

    Stay strong, trainers!

    – PokeVengers Staff