Welcome to Pokevengers Ultimate Bingo!
This is a new kind of event where participants will be split into teams and the first team to complete all challenges on the Bingo card wins. Team members will have to coordinate on which challenges they will each do in order to complete the Bingo card.

Currently, we are in the sign up phase. Any interested team members should comment on the thread in the team discord. Teams will be determined next week. One twist will be that 1 team will be Gamer2020 by himself, if he completes all the Challenges first by himself no one wins any prizes.

Bingo Card

Everyone will have the below Bingo card to complete as a team. Explanations are below. Challenges must be done on your main account. Screenshots/videos are to be posted as evidence of completion in a discord channel that will be started for the event. All challenges are to be done after the event starts. Challenges are to be reported within 24 hours of achieving them. Example: Any caught Pokemon must have their catch date and time be after the event has started.

Challenge Explanations

  • 50 Battle Tower Wins – Win 50 times in a row at the Battle Tower. Must have a before and after screenshot of wins.
  • Purple Shiny – Catch/hatch any purple shiny.
  • Legendary Catch – Must catch Mewtwo, Lugia, Keldeo, Rayquaza, or Arceus. (Only one needed.)
  • 4X31 Alpha – Must catch a 4×31 IV Alpha from the wild. Cannot be bred. (Can be 5×31 or 6×31 as well.)
  • Roaming Legendary – Must catch Raikou, Suicune, Entei, Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres. (Only one needed.)
  • Single player 2 Shiny/ 1 week – One player on the team must catch/hatch two shinies in one week. The time starts from when you catch the first shiny.
  • 2 Shiny Same Evo Line – The team must catch/hatch two shinies from the same evo line. Example: You can catch Charmander and Charmeleon but don’t need to catch a Charizard. You can also catch Rattata and Raticate. They have to be wild caught and you cannot evolve for this.
  • Single Encounter Shiny – Team must catch 1 single encounter shiny. Must show proof that it was a single encounter and must catch it.
  • Egg Shiny – The team must hatch 1 shiny from an egg.


Prize will be 20 Million in game to every member on the winning team.

Event Start Time

The event will start March 22nd at 11 P.M. EST.