Last night there was a new update that added some new moves to Pokemon move pools. What isn’t as widely talked is that the data exportable from the game menu has also had it’s format changed. We’ve updated scripts in PokeMMO-Data-Gen to use this new format. This means that PokeMMO-Data now has the latest data as of the update. (Except for anything that needs to be fixed still.) With the data being updated, this website has also been updated to reflect this.

Some other things you may noticed is that we fixed some smaller things and have started improving the Pokemon search. We’ve also noticed that the exportable data from the game now includes item data and other improvements that we will make sure to incorporate over time. As promised we will continue to improve the data and any tools we create from it. If you haven’t seen it already, you can check out the Pokedex here.

– PokeVengers Staff

*Edit* We have noticed that some things with the search aren’t working as expected even though they work on our Dev server. We will continue to work on this. We’ve temporarily removed search parameters that do not work. Fixed! If you are having issues just clear your cache…