🌟Dear PokeMMO Players,

We at PokeVengers are excited to share an update with all of you! Say hello to Professor Venger, our custom-designed Discord bot, now open for everyone in our discord in his command channel!

🤖 Who is Professor Venger?

Professor Venger is not just a bot – it’s an assistant tailored for the PokeMMO universe. Developed to enrich your gaming experience, Professor Venger offers a range of features that will help you look up certain things on Discord without having to be in game.

🌈 Key Features:

  1. In-Game Time Tracker: Wondering about the in-game time in PokeMMO? Professor Venger has got you covered! It accurately reflects the in-game day and time, keeping your gameplay aligned with the PokeMMO world.
  2. Interactive Commands: Engage with Professor Venger using a variety of commands. From friendly greetings to playful games like Rock-Paper-Scissors, our bot makes your interaction more enjoyable and lively.
  3. Pokémon Data: Powered by the PokeMMO-Data project, get detailed information about Pokémon, including their types, abilities, stats, and evolution details, all with simple commands.
  4. PvP Tier Info: Strategize your battles more effectively with comprehensive data on PvP tiers, including insights into the Pokémon that fit each tier.
  5. Egg Group Information: Explore the breeding side of Pokémon with in-depth data on different Egg Groups, enhancing your breeding strategies.
  6. Moves and Abilities Guide: Discover the specifics about various Pokémon moves and abilities. Understand their effects and learn which Pokémon can master them.

📖 How to Interact with Professor Venger:

Engaging with Professor Venger is a breeze! Just visit his command channel on our Discord and start your query with !. For example, !pokemon Pikachu will fetch you all the details about Pikachu. Use !help to see all available commands.

🚀 Join the Adventure:

Professor Venger represents our dedication to making the PokeMMO experience more enriching and fun for everyone. We’re continually developing and updating the bot, so keep an eye out for new features! Also expect more PokeMMO related projects from us in the future.

We invite you all to explore the capabilities of Professor Venger and let it help your PokeMMO journey.

– PokeVengers Staff🎮✨